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Magpie Marketing works regularly with teams and individuals to provide training on topics related to marketingcommunication, business strategy, mission/vision/values, corporate image and brand consistency, long-range/succession/contingency planning, social media and digital management as well as team-building and facilitation.


Laura Tucker, Owner - Best Sign Group

Laura Tucker, Owner – Best Sign Group (Rogers, Arkansas)


Arthur ref

Arthur Wright, Director of Business Development – TG Comm, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia)


Workshops, training sessions, speaking engagements and small group facilitation have been provided since 2007 for groups including:


Training can be customized for teams and small groups to incorporate a variety of topics or accommodate diverse learning styles and experience.  One-on-one training is also offered to individuals ranging from entrepreneurs to executives.


Mistie Thompson, Owner - Sweet Tea Communications

Mistie Thompson, Owner – Sweet Tea Communications (St. Louis, Missouri)


Karen Ahuja, Artist (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Karen Ahuja, Artist (Fayetteville, Arkansas)



Social Media Basics

If you’ve been slow to jump on the social media bandwagon, this is the place to start. Join us in a judgement-free zone to tackle social media basics starting at square one: setting up a presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

Note: this session is for the über-beginner, or those who have barely dabbled in social media and want a safe zone and a slower pace for asking questions and learning how to use these tools for personal or business purposes.  All sessions are primarily intended for beginners and moderate social media users who want to brush up, not for the pro or heavy user.  Feel free to attend whether you have an active account or have yet to get set up and want to be escorted onto these sites!

Digital Management

If you’ve mastered the basics of using mainstream social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn) but often find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by it all – or just want to take your skills up to the next level – this session is a bit of a “Social Media 201.”

We’ll discuss how to streamline and better manage your online presence using tools such as BufferHootsuiteIFTTT and Tweetdeck, how to keep up with your personal brand using Google AlertsMention and Klout and how to better process and curate content through tools like Pocket.

Personal Branding

As you become more comfortable with a consistent online presence, it’s important to continually manage your personal brand.  This session will go more in-depth with tools and tactics for more advanced use of LinkedIn (including little-known tricks) and Twitter. Additionally, we’ll discuss online resume and portfolio tools such as About.meVisualCVContently and Sumry and spend time discussing thought leaders, social media news aggregation and curating content for personal development.

Understanding Evernote

Far from just a marketing tool, Evernote is fast becoming the essential tool for makers, doers, dreamers and schemers around the world.  Evernote is a virtual file cabinet, a nimble note-taking app and mind-blowing life management tool all rolled into one.  If you’ve been on the hunt for a way to get control of the chaos of information flying at you daily, want to maximize your efficiency in meetings or just want to understand what all the fuss is about from the people at Evernote who set out to create a “hundred year company,” join this session… and prepare to be a convert.  Would-be Evenote ninjas are welcome!

Content Marketing

Ready to hold up a megaphone and share your story?  Content marketing is an excellent way to start conversations, but it requires a special touch.  This session will cover the basics of blogs and e-newsletters, with a little time devoted to general communication tactics such as writing effective emails and proposals.

Review & Location Services

If you’re running a business that benefits from visitors – locals and tourists alike – it’s essential to manage your brand across many service platforms including Foursquare, Locu, OpenTable, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, Yelp as well as information clearinghouses such as and your local chamber and community sites.  We’ll dive into your brand’s presence on these sites and how to respond to (and encourage) check-ins and reviews.

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