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Hi, I’m Beth.image

My patchwork background includes childhood in developing nations (Jamaica, Suriname) and the most extreme corners of the U.S. (Pennsylvania, Washington state).  College years in Arkansas coupled with backpacking through Europe and studying in France rounded out my world view.

I’ve spent the past fifteen years tackling community partnerships, economic development, fundraising, grantwriting, tourism, writing, destination management, strategy, vision, disaster and emergency preparedness, marketing, communication, digital media and public relations.

If I read all that on a resume (here’s mine*), I’d think it was a little schizophrenic.  I guess I feel like one of the lucky ones to have worked for only a handful of companies while cultivating such exceptionally diverse experiences.

The bottom line is this: I’ve been fortunate to work with small businesses, nonprofits and foundations as well as some of the world’s largest corporations and manufacturers.  I am also a writer and content crafter with contributions to more than a dozen publications over the past decade – here’s my portfolio.  All of this makes me comfortable in virtually any setting and capable of sharing unique perspective across countless lines of business.

Today, I predominantly focus on marketing, strategy, PR, communication and digital media in my role as director, strategic marketing for Kendal King Group.  I’d love to collaborate, and I’m swimming in enthusiasm and big ideas.


As for Magpie Marketing: it’s a tiny endeavor that was initially formed to support the work of brands, products and organizations that need a little nudge.  Its DNA is big ideas and innovative strategies delivered in simple, actionable ways.

I still work with big thinkers every day in my role with KKG, and I still love balancing my time partnering directly with a wide range of people ranging from entrepreneurs to established businesses and multinational corporations.  The Magpie Marketing blog and website remain alive as a clearinghouse for my business and marketing musings as well as presentations from speaking engagements and other materials. Thank you for visiting – I would love to connect!

*Or, feel free to stalk me on LinkedIn if that’s your thing.

 *Vintage image credit/source: The Graphics Fairy.

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  1. Hello Bethany, was told you would be a good contact to make! Could you please email me at your earliest convenience to talk about a blog we’re working on! Please and thank you!

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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