How To Develop A Podcast Habit


June 27, 2017 by Beth

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Podcasts have had their moment, but now they are really having their moment… there’s a sudden resurgence, and I think that’s partially in response to many of us beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the content dancing before our eyes.

Podcast Headphones

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I love podcasts for three reasons:

  • I can deeply explore a specific topic or niche that is currently fascinating to me.
  • I’m able to turn off all the overstimulation by simply listening (and giving my eyeballs a break).
  • Listening lets me multitask – I can learn something while shopping for groceries, cleaning the kitchen or driving.


A couple of years ago, Jonathan Perelman asserted that content is king, but distribution is queen. So despite Seth Godin’s commentary on the coming podcast surplus, I’d wager that podcasts will rule the free world in the coming year. There’s no better time to jump on the podcast train.

Read on for my favorite podcast client and a few of my current favorite podcasts to fill your playlist.

Platform: Castro

Why I love it: Visually appealing design, and even the guys at The Sweet Setup call it “a delight to use on the iPhone.” I agree – the format is very swipe-able, and I like seeing my podcast lineup organized both by all subscriptions and most recent episodes.

Why a special app: I admit that I’m a little persnickety about my preferred podcast client. There are plenty of people who love Apple’s native Podcasts app, and it certainly works just fine if you just need a simple listening app. However, I have some baseline expectations of tech tools that it wasn’t delivering on: simple but sophisticated, visually appealing and intuitive (to me). So while I normally go with picks from my favorite iOS app hub, The Sweet Setup (where my office was recently featured!), in this instance we were at odds.

Podcast tools and headphones for iOS

Podcast: The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider

Why you need it: You’re maxed out and need a calming guidance counselor to guide you through your daily life. Tsh has been one of my life muses for a while (I highly recommend her books), and The Simple Show feels like it was written just for me. I liked the original description of the show as “conversations on passions, projects and living simply” as well as the recent evolution to “a curated list of things that make life a delight – at the top of our list, it’s books, home and travel.”

Sampling of favorite episodes: It’s Ok to Like Your Fork with Jerusalem Greer (my friend & author of A Homemade Year: The Blessing of Cooking, Crafting, and Coming Together as well as the recently-released At Home In This Life) and Small is My New Free with Emily Freeman (author of Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World)


Podcast: Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Why you need it: You’re wanting to find more fulfillment in life, better navigate your days and “build a better you.” Again, from great authors come great podcasts. Gretchen is a diligent researcher whose books and podcasts present a road map for forming habits and tackling the little things in life, which are really the big things. The dynamic with her sister/co-host is entertaining and interesting, as well.

Sampling of favorite episodes: Send Yourself To Boot Camp, a great approach to tackling a challenge or a desired self-improvement, and Use Your Shower As A Happiness Booth.


Podcast: Being Boss

Why you need it: You’re a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, startup founder or scrappy side hustler. You’re looking for straight talk about “mindset, habits, tactics and lifestyle.” Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are setting the world on fire, and they are bringing the rest of us along for the ride. They’re passionate about showing up and doing the work, but also breaking a few rules and trying some unorthodox means to the end. They aren’t afraid of a dirty word or two (dozen), and snorts and cackling along with their signature energy and realness make this a fun listen.

Sampling of favorite episodes: Goal Setting: The Chalkboard Method, How To Set Up A Productive Workspace and Food Freedom Forever with Melissa Hartwig (which pushed me over the edge on deciding to do Whole 30 last year).

Podcast Headphones

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Other favorites:

Color and Happy: A Podcast About Creativity hosted by my never-see-her-but-love-her pal Paige Ray. Previously called Hear Motherhood, the show examined whether motherhood & creativity could semi-peacefully coexist… a unique spin on the parenting podcast. Paige’s approachable nature and genuine curiosity are two of her most endearing charms, and both come through in spades. I can’t wait to hear what new tricks she has up her sleeve for the show.

Boss Girl Creative with my friend and influencer powerhouse Taylor Bradford of Pink Heels Pink Truck. It was recently listed by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 24 Exceptional Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2017.

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt: the equivalent of subscribing to a personal pep talk. Michael’s incredible life management tips and high energy make this show one that regularly I turn to for binge listening throughout the roller coaster of life.


On my listen list:

The ProBlogger Podcast – I’ve listened to one episode and am currently (re)doing his 31 Days to Build A Better Blog challenge, and I can tell this needs to be part of my regular rotation.

Taking Note: A podcast by Evernote – obviously this had to make the list! I do love Evernote, but I didn’t love the first few episodes… so I’m going to dive back in soon with fresh perspective.


On my “why isn’t this a regular podcast?” list:

Thrive with Arianna Huffington. Yes, I have the book… but after running across The Vacation Mistake We’re All Making – an apparent one-time podcast from Arianna – I’m left wondering why her soothing voice and simple edicts are not entering my life every week. Although, the answer is probably that she is practicing what she preaches on life balance.

I’d love to hear if you’re going to try to develop the podcast habit… or if you are already a podcast enthusiast, what I should add to my listen list!

2 thoughts on “How To Develop A Podcast Habit

  1. I had no idea there was such a thing as a podcast client. In fact, I had to re-read your box quote because it confused me… until… voila! You explained! Thanks for (always) making me better informed.

    Love that you call Michael Hyatt “the equivalent of subscribing to a personal pep talk.” How true!

    My addition to this list? The Bon Appetit food podcast!

    • Beth says:

      Oh, I love this feedback! It’s nice to know when I’m confusing (frequently, methinks…) and if I resolve it. Seriously: I like keeping an eye out for such hurdles in the future, so I love this feedback! Thanks for (always) reading. 🙂

      The Bon Appetit food podcast is a lovely addition – would you believe it wasn’t in my lineup? Adding! 🙂

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