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January 24, 2016 by Beth

Whenever I find myself repeatedly talking about something (an app, an amazing new grilled cheese spot, a bottle of wine…), I know it’s probably time to feature it here as a shiny object. It’s the equivalent of moving my Facebook status to “in a relationship,” albeit with an inanimate object.

I’ve been fairly obsessed with theSkimm for several years, and it’s time to make sure the rest of you know about it.

It’s a daily newsletter, as the most basic description. It hits your inbox at 6a every weekday and gives a three minute overview of what’s happening in the world in an easy-to-digest (and very irreverent) format.

The Skimm’rs call it your secret weapon for the day, a way to make it easier to be smarter. I totally agree. The Skimm team reads all the big, global news (you know, those articles in the paper that look important but make your eyes cross?) and then whittles it all down so that you can legitimately say you know what’s happening in North Korea.

It’s like CliffsNotes for everyday life and sounding like an intelligent adult.

The Skimm has some interesting DNA: co-founders Danielle & Carly met while studying abroad in college. They reconnected as NBC News producers and noticed their smart, successful friends were short on time and kept asking for quick updates about news headlines, and so they up ‘n quit their jobs and theSkimm was launched in July 2012.

I particularly like that there’s no political slant and the news I read is non-partisan… yessss, please.

Here’s my favorite testimonial: “I read the Skimm every morning while brushing my teeth, and feel like a master of news by the time the 2 minutes on my Sonicate are up.”

I truly don’t advocate too many newsletters going into your inbox (that’s what Pocket is for), but The Skimm is my must-read morning email… even on vacation.
Hop on over and try it out via this link: The Skimm (<— yup, that’s an affiliate/referral link, because I like receiving brownie points when I tell people about cool stuff).

You can thank me later.

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